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What Are Automated Rules?

What Are Automated Rules?

Automated rules are used by paid marketing professionals to automate ad management across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

Rules can be applied at the Campaign, Ad Set / Squad or Ad level to take action based on performance, measured by metrics such as ROAS, CTR and CPA.

Used by professionals to automate manual optimisation!

The Background

The rapid growth of social media marketing has resulted in oversaturated, highly competitive ad spaces. Businesses can struggle to make themselves seen - but when they do, they can reap great rewards.

An eye catching, well targeted ad is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. Marketers are required to constantly monitor and tweak campaigns in order to get their desired results.

Anyone who has manually monitored and optimised their ad campaigns knows how time consuming it is. Not to mention how clunky and frustrating the Facebook and Snapchat Ads Managers can be.

This is where automated rules come in.

Automated Rules for Paid Media Campaigns

Automation is standard operating procedure in many marketing practices. From email sequences to messenger bots, you’re likely to find at least one example in every business. The use of automated rules in paid media is becoming increasingly commonplace. With ad management becoming more difficult, there’s a growing need for marketers to automate their strategies.

Automated rules are customisable. You can set them to either notify you or take action on your campaigns, ad sets / squads or ads based on what you define as poor or strong performance.

Want simple rules to stop overspending? Complex workflows to scale your manual bidding strategies? Automated rules will replicate the action you would take in a given situation - in a fraction of the time.

"Automation is not our enemy... automation can be the ally of our prosperity"

Lyndon B. Johnson

Rules In Action

Automated rules are informed by you.

You know what constitutes a strong or poor performing campaign, ad set / squad or ad for your organisation. You can use this information - and the metrics that matter to you - to automate your decisions and actions.

This might be something as simple as:

  • Pausing an ad if lifetime Spend > £15 and CTR < 1.5%

Or more complex such as:

  • Increase budget of ad sets / squads tagged 'CONVERSION-CAMPAIGN' by 10% between 2am and 3am every 2 days if ad set / squad ROAS > 4 and Purchases > 1 in the last 4 days (But ignore Sundays and Mondays)

Let’s face it. No matter how individual we think our choices are, they can be replicated. The strategies we use when managing our campaigns all involve making changes on a computer based on digital data, that we interpret and act upon. A computer can do this. And do it better.

Spending more than $20 a day on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat Ads? You’re probably spending double that in the time you take to monitor your campaigns.

It’s 2023. Get a computer to carry out your optimisation actions for you, across all of your ad accounts, with no mistakes - in a fraction of the time.

Leave Your Desk Life. Live Your Best Life.

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