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Growing Facebook Pages

It doesn't matter how great your product or ad creative is. It doesn't matter how much money you throw at them. If you don't have trust, you won't get the conversions or costs you deserve.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Facebook wants advertisers to provide value. To engage audiences alongside selling to them. But what if you have no audience yet to build trust with?

Gone are the days that pages can be grown from scratch organically, so paying to find your crowd (at least initially) is the new norm - but it can be costly.

These simple rules will grow your Facebook pages while keeping costs in line.

Growing Facebook Pages

The Problem

When you’re running ads on Facebook, trust plays a key factor. Before clicking through to your site or product, a user may (understandably) want to find out a little more about you. Do you think those trust levels will be high if they click through to your Facebook Page and see that you never post? What about if you only have 78 Page Likes?

There are two things to fix in this situation, your content and your audience base. Even if you plan and generate high quality content, there’s no guarantee it will be seen. So how do you grow your number of fans? This is where Page Likes campaigns come in.

But you want to be focusing on the creative stuff, right? Like producing that all important, engaging content - you don’t want to be worrying about ad costs. Especially if you’re looking to grow your page substantially. Unmonitored campaigns could leave you with high ad costs and an unsatisfactory fan count.

Without constantly monitoring your ads to keep your Cost Per Like in check, how can you ensure that your ad costs aren’t spiralling out of control?

The Problem

The Solution

It’s easy to identify (based on your historical data, industry or national averages) the cost you’re willing to pay 'Per Like'. You can then use automated rules to quickly grow your page - whilst ensuring you never pay more than you’re willing to pay.

You can pause ads as soon as the Cost Per Like becomes too expensive, then either increase the bid/budget or duplicate ad sets / squads that are bringing in the results you want...

So how do you define good or bad results?

The Solution

The Rules

Well, you'll need to consider how much a page like is worth to you, as well as what's achievable. The best way to work out what figures to use to inform your rules is to look at your historical data for any previous page like campaigns. What were your average costs? What was the cost for your best and worst performing ads?

If you haven't run page like campaigns before, don't panic. There are plenty of online resources that will give you the most up to date average Cost Per Like figures for your industry, location or even the month you're running your ads in!

Once you have your benchmark Cost Per Like figures, you can set up rules to automatically grow your page likes without paying through the nose...

Protection rule examples for Page Like Ads

To ensure these rules don't interfere with other campaigns, you might want to tag your campaigns, ad sets / squads and ads with something like 'PAGE-LIKES' in the name, so you can easily search by objective and run rules specifically for these campaigns.

Pause ad if Spent> £1 and Cost Per Page Like > £0.25 and ad set / squad Name Contains 'PAGE-LIKES'

Pause ad if Spent > £0.50 and Number of Page Likes = 0 and ad set / squad Name Contains 'PAGE-LIKES'

Scaling rule examples for Page Like Ads

Where the above rules protect against poor performing ads, the below rules would be set up to scale those that are performing well

Duplicate ad set / squad x5 between 12am and 5am if Number of Page Likes > 10 and Cost Per Page Like < £0.10 and ad set / squad Name Contains 'PAGE-LIKES' (but no more than every 3 days)

Increase budget by 20% if Number of Page Likes > 10 and Cost Per Page Like <£0.10 and ad set / squad name contains 'PAGE-LIKES' (but no more than every 3 days)

The Result

By looking at historical or industry average data we can identify desirable and undesirable Cost Per Like costs. We can then set up automated rules to identify and kill costly ad sets / squads. Alongside we’ll have rules to quickly scale and capitalise on those that are bringing in the results we want at a low price.

By tagging our campaigns with ‘PAGE-LIKES’ or similar in the name, we know that the rules we set will focus only on Page Like campaigns. They won’t interfere with any campaigns running with different objectives and cost expectations.

In our example, we know that our ad sets / squads are protected. They won’t be able to spend more than £1 over a three day period without being stopped - if they aren’t bringing in desirable results.

The Result

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