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SME Case Study

How Blue Pack Marketing have been able to take on more clients and save 20 - 30 hours a week per brand. All by automating their manual ad management processes with TrustAds.

"TrustAds has been amazing for us... it's a potential million dollar saving for our business, if you look at it on an annual scale"

Corey & Keegan Rush - Founders, Blue Pack Marketing

Corey & Keegan Rush

The Problem

Blue Pack Marketing is a big organisation, serving large brands alongside their own. When it comes to scaling such a large operation, you can’t simply rely on hiring new people. When ad management is as crucial as it is to the Rush Brothers, it can’t be easily delegated.

No strangers to hard work, Keegan told us that their job is often "25 hours a day" up to 40% of which could be spent on cutting ads. They realised that in order to take on more projects and partners, they’d need a way to more efficiently leverage their time. But when spending thousands of dollars a day on advertising, they were worried about handing over control to "just anyone". After all, it was their expertise that allowed them to achieve such great results.

They needed to find a way to guarantee the same results, with less time spent on their ads.

"Really the frustration was how much time it took to cut ads diligently to maximise profitability”.

Corey & Keegan's Problem

The Solution

The brothers inevitably turned to automation. They tested out providers such as Revealbot and Facebook’s own native rules.

Facebook's rules and metrics they found to be unreliable. Revealbot underperformed and was costly at $1500-$1800 per month.

Back to the drawing board, they asked for recommendations. TrustAds was recommended via a number of Facebook groups and they found us to be a trusted name in their space. They also found our pricing structure and cost to be far more beneficial.

After initially testing the tool, starting with rules based on Cost Per Purchase and No. Link Clicks, they moved on to early warning rules. TrustAds has been running in the background ever since, completely automated. The brothers are confident that with their TrustAds rules set up, they’ll never lose more than they’re willing to lose again.

Corey & Keegan's solution

The Results

In the time that TrustAds has saved them, Blue Pack Marketing have been able to on board new partners and relationships in their business. It’s allowed them to focus more on selling, no matter what Facebook throws at them.

They’ve been able to handle a national media company and programmes of huge magnitude without any worry. They know they can safely scale through software without impacting any of their brands. All because they’re “still getting the tender loving care that they need”.

They estimate that they’ve been able to save 20 - 30 hours per week across their company, per brand. They’re also launching 50x more ads than they used to. TrustAds has allowed them to identify a base percentage for profitability across all of their main brands. This means they can use rules to ensure that their ads always stay within the profit margin they have identified.

In the past, they’ve lost money when they’ve been unable to hover over their ads 24/7, or through simple mistakes. Keegan recounted a time when he accidentally gave an ad set a budget of $20,000 when it should have been $20! They lost $2,000 before the mistake was rectified. “Had we had TrustAds then, that story wouldn’t have existed.”

The most important thing for them is that TrustAds has: “allowed us to save time, which is the most valuable thing anybody has”. The brothers previously undertook research to understand how much money they could save by cutting ads faster. Based on their results, they estimate that TrustAds saves them $3k a day on average. “It’s a potential million dollar saving for our business, if you look at it on an annual scale.”

The time they’ve saved not only allowed the company to take on larger projects and clients. Automating ad management has allowed them to focus on other areas of their business. They’ve been able to work on improving email, exploring new channels and ad types. They’ve even had the time to work on making their supply chain stronger, as well as hiring and better training new staff.

Corey & Keegan's Results

The Company

Blue Pack Marketing, est. 2013 is an e-commerce full digital solution for premium partners. Founded by brothers Corey and Keegan Rush, the company has owned, cultivated and worked with large brands, delivering $100 million in revenue in the past five years.

CMO, Keegan refers to the company as a ‘Bar Rescue' for large brands that don't know how to utilise their assets. "We come in, we're like the A-Team, we fix it, they make more money, we make more money, everybody's happy".

With a current headcount of 25, they reside in a 10,000 sq. ft office in North Carolina, responsible for a further 8,000 sq. ft of warehouse space with a brand new building under construction. Due to bring in $50,000,000 this year alone, the company is growing by the day.

The Company

The Numbers


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