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Entrepreneur Case Study

How the CEO of a yoga and meditation brand can travel for 3-5 days at a time, confidently spending $1k+ per day on Facebook Ads... with no internet connection.

"TrustAds was a total game changer. It replicated everything I did, allowed me to step away for 4-5 days at a time without any worry... it also caught subtle issues that I would have otherwise missed. Since installing TrustAds I've never cancelled and never will"

William Alexander - Founder, Cartels Mastermind

Entrepreneur Case Study

The Problem

Before using TrustAds, Will and his team were manually monitoring their Facebook and Instagram ads.

In the early days of his business, CEO William Alexander would find himself chained to his desk until gone midnight, every night. All because he was monitoring his campaigns to ensure the necessary ROAS would be hit.

Will was working with large budgets, using manual bidding strategies. He estimates that over 1/3 of his working hours were spent on this one repetitive task, every week.

He ended up losing $600 in one hour, simply by leaving his desk (and consequently ads) unattended. He swore to never let that happen again.

Will's Problem

The Solution

All of William's decisions could be automated. Even manual bidding strategies. By considering the actions he takes and when and why he takes them, he was able to set up rules in TrustAds to take action on his behalf, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not a desk or chain in sight.

Using the rule library, he was able to easily select, apply and tweak rule templates designed for real-world objectives and make them work for him.

With a variety of business metrics to choose from, it was easy for Will to hand over control to his rules. He knew that they’d kick in based on the ROAS requirements he set out.

Will's solution

The Results

With TrustAds, Will was able to say goodbye to his desk and free up that crucial 1/3 of his working week. He knew that he no longer had to babysit his ads to ensure they were working for him.

He estimates that the tool has saved his company 4 - 6 hours of work per day. Charging $100+ an hour for his consultancy time, that also means $600 more his business can bring in on a day to day basis.

Not only has the tool saved him time, it's prevented any overspend on profit-draining ads. Overall he estimates that it’s saved the company $40,000.

It’s not all about business though. We work hard so we can play hard. The freedom TrustAds has given Will means he’s able to spend more time on his bike and take road trips with his wife Sam.

He’s confident spending more on his advertising, even when travelling 3 - 5 days at a time without an internet connection.

Now that's what we call a solid ROI*.

* Just another metric we offer, FYI.

Will's Results

The Company

Meet William Christopher Alexander, the man with three first names (so good they named him thrice). He loves travelling, eating fine foods and driving fast cars and motorbikes.

Will is an entrepreneur, owner of a yoga brand and founder of the Cartels Mastermind. He's previously owned a number of other e-commerce stores and traded in stocks and cryptocurrency.

Sitting at the head of a team of 8, Will’s brands were responsible for $750,000 in Facebook advertising spend in the last 6 months alone. All at a healthy profit margin, of course.

The Company

The Numbers


Increase in ad spend


Saved in advertising costs


Increase in Facebook Ads ROI


Time saved per day

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