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E-Commerce Case Study

How the owner of an LGBT brand was able to save 6 hours a day whilst profitably scaling her Facebook Ad spend by 20%

No new hires. No complicated setup. No spend restrictions.

Automated Rules for E-Commerce

The Problem

Rizala was spending much of her day trapped to her desk, managing her Facebook ads. She wanted to ensure that they didn’t overspend and that her budget was being spend profitably.

She knew she wanted to scale the number of ad sets / squads she was managing, in order to grow her business. But she didn’t want her workload to scale with it. She wanted to be more mobile. To be location independent and free - without having to pay for a new member of staff to manage her ads.

It wasn’t just about cost either. Using a personal, advanced advertising strategy, she wasn’t comfortable handing over the reigns to anyone else. Especially when doing so would involve managing her ad account outside typical business hours. Where’s the fun in handing over control if you’d still need to be contactable at all hours of the day?

Like many of us, she wanted the freedom that success grants, to work hard but also enjoy the benefits. The need to babysit her all important ad account was preventing this.

Rizala tried an alternative to TrustAds, that she ultimately found to be a flawed software. Their rules wouldn’t always trigger, resulting in ads that continued to spend and eat into her profits, when they should have been paused.

Not only this, but the software provider charged based on % of ad spend. Rizala found herself still needing to manage her ad accounts. This time to ensure that she wouldn’t spend too much and be charged more - not ideal for her desire to scale.

Rizala's Problem

The Solution

After her initial bad experience with a competitor, Rizala was understandably cautious about trialling TrustAds.

Rather than hand over control straight away, she opted to use the ‘Notify’ feature. Rules would alert her to any worrying changes in her ads or opportunities to scale - but not take any action. This way she was able to gain the confidence she needed that everything was working, before fully handing over the reigns.

Using the training videos in the Learning Centre and Rule Library, Rizala was able to go beyond basic rule creation. She was able to translate her complicated strategy into a sequence of automated rules that could replicate her workflow.

With TrustAds never charging based on % ad spend, Rizala was able to confidently spend more and more on her advertising. All while knowing that her workload - and bill - would never increase.

Rizala's solution

The Results

After testing the tool and feeling educated enough to automate her workflow, Rizala took to TrustAds full time. She was able to confidently increase her advertising spend by 20% in 2 months. Doubling her ROI in the process.

Not only this, her time spent managing ad spend - up to 6 hours a day - was now completely free for her to do with what she pleased.

She can now manage more than 1000 ad sets / squads simultaneously. The only time spent on ads is dedicated to the design and creation stages. Once launched? They’re covered by TrustAds.

Most importantly, Rizala is now free to enjoy the fruits of her labour. She spends the time TrustAds has saved her pursuing other ventures, launching more products at scale and hanging out with her dog.

Rizala's Results

The Company

Meet Rizala Carrington. She enjoys pottery, learning guitar and travelling around the world with her partner.

She’s an E-Commerce brand owner serving the LGBT community and has been selling physical products online for the past 5 years. She leverages Facebook and Instagram ads as her main traffic sources.

Heading up a team of 3, Rizala and her brands have spent over $250,000 on Facebook ads to date.

The Company

The Numbers


Increase in ROI


Increase in ad spend

6 hours

Saved per day


Increase in dog cuddles

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