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We're proud to announce that we're the world's first providers of automation for Snapchat Ads!
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Automated Rules for Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs account for 99.9% of all private sector businesses in the UK. That’s a lot of competition. In order to stand out, organisations have to maximise the potential of their employees and the technology they use.

Ads are instrumental in allowing businesses to raise awareness, generate leads and reach prospects where they spend their time online. Talent is needed to create ads that convert.

It's not needed to monitor them. That's where automation software comes in.

Automated Rules for Small and Medium Enterprises

Sleep Sound While We Work

TrustAds rules run every 15 minutes*, 24/7.

It doesn't matter what time you or your marketing team clock off, you can keep your ads running on the schedule that works for you.

Let us protect, scale and optimise the performance of your ads.

You can handle the sales and leads they bring in.

* Dependent on subscription level.

Sleep Sound While We Work

Your Extended Marketing Team

With TrustAds, you set the rules.

You tell the tool what action to take such as pause, activate, duplicate, change bid or notify if your campaign, ad set / squad or ad performance is good or bad.

What makes performance good or bad?

That’s up to you. You can base this on the metrics of your choosing, such as Number of Leads, Number of Purchases, Number of Swipes, ROAS, CTR, ROI and more.

It's like training a new member of staff, only this one learns in seconds, never makes mistakes and has eyes on all of your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads at once. 24/7.

Your Extended Marketing Team

Grow, Grow, Grow Your Business

We never take a cut of your ad spend.

We've never understood why other providers do.
Why penalise you when you succeed?

Whether you grow from small to medium, or medium to large, your ad spend will never impact your price.

With TrustAds, your monthly cost is fixed, keeping your profits happy, as well as your Finance Manager.

Grow, Grow, Grow your Business

Level Up Your Marketing Efforts

By spending less time on your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads

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