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We're proud to announce that we're the world's first providers of automation for Snapchat Ads!
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Automated Rules for Freelance Marketers and Advertisers

Advertising is tough. Marketing is tough. So many channels, technologies, strategies and rule changes to keep on top of.

Your time is precious. You need to spend it where it matters most. But where?

Hint: Anywhere that automation doesn't exist.

Say goodbye to spinning plates.

Automated Rules for Freelance Marketers and Advertisers

Wear the Hats You Like,
Ditch the Ones You Don’t

You didn't get into marketing for the number crunching.
Creating ads is artistic - success requires imagination and skill.

But no matter how great your creatives are, all ad campaigns require monitoring. Monitoring requires time. Patience. Not dying of boredom.

Let's leave that to the robots.

TrustAds automated rules run every 15 minutes*, 24/7.

Manage ad accounts globally without ever losing a wink of sleep.

* Dependent on subscription level

Wear the hats you like

Be in Multiple Places at Once

You only have one pair of hands. You can scream it until you're blue in the face but will your clients pay attention?

Not likely.

Think of TrustAds as a limitless number of extra hands. Hands to help you protect, scale and optimise campaigns across all of your connected ad accounts.

Not just extra hands either, your automated rules think and act just like you.

Trustads can take action such as pause, activate, duplicate, change bid, change budget or simply notify you about your campaign, ad set / squad or ad performance.

There are metrics to suit all objectives, such as ROAS, CTR, Reach, Cost Per Lead, Number of Purchases, Cost Per Swipe and more. You can automate your decisions based on the performance data that matters most to you and your clients.

All this across all of your connected ad accounts, simultaneously.

Use that free time for higher value work, or just take a break. You've earned it.

Be in Multiple Places at Once

Find Audiences That Convert, Fast

We're going to use that word again, time.

The better the results you bring to your clients, the more they'll demand. But if you only ever fish in the same pond...

We get it. You don't have the time to go looking elsewhere for prospects that might convert. If only you could just find more people like those that already do convert.

Well, with TrustAds' Lookalike Audience Generator, you can...

Simply select a custom audience (say, of your existing top spenders), choose your desired countries and you can generate up to 500 LLAs at the click of a button.

* Only available for Facebook and Instagram audiences

Find Audiences that Convert, Fast

Fixed Cost Pricing

You're managing other people's ad spend. Perhaps way more than you spend yourself. So why should their spend impact the price you pay for your automation tool?

Worse still, how do you explain to them that the cost of managing their ads will be more when they spend more? Particularly when you’re spending less time on them?

With TrustAds, you don't have to worry about that, because we never charge based on ad spend.

Fixed Cost Pricing

Make Multi-Tasking a Breeze

You get creative, we'll watch over your campaigns

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