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We're proud to announce that we're the world's first providers of automation for Snapchat Ads!
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Automated Rules for E-Commerce

The world of e-commerce is fast moving and extremely competitive. Whether you’re a dedicated store owner or opportunistic drop shipper, if you’re successful? You’re running Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat ads.

We spoke with a number of e-commerce owners when originally developing TrustAds. Despite their success they all had one thing in common: They were spending hours each day monitoring their ad campaigns.

Poor performing ads can be costly, particularly when margins are tight. If you don’t spot and kill ads that aren’t delivering results, they can wipe out your profit entirely.

Where's the fun in being your own boss if you're chained to your desk every day?

Take back control with automated rules that manage your campaigns, wherever, whenever.

Automated Rules for E-Commerce

Sell While You Snooze

TrustAds rules run every 15 minutes*, 24/7.

Why limit yourself to your own timezone or stay up late to target others? You can run multiple campaigns in any country, at any time, knowing that TrustAds has got your back.

Safely sell your goods to the best audiences, wherever you are in the world.

We optimise your campaigns, you reap the benefits.

* Dependent on subscription level

Sell While you Snooze

Kill the Weak, Scale the Best

It might sound brutal. But when you're operating with tight margins, you just don't have time to wait and see if an ad's performance will improve.

Utilise early warning rules to pause poor performing ad sets / squads before they eat into your profit.

Duplicate your best historical ad sets / squads to save time when setting up new campaigns. Or increase the bid or budget on your best performing ad sets / squads to maximise results.

Whatever action you choose, TrustAds will carry it out just as you would, based on the metrics that matter.

Whether this be Number of Purchases, Cost Per Purchase, Add to Cart, Checkout Initiated, ROAS, ROI or many more, TrustAds only takes action based on the results that are desirable or undesirable to you.

So if TrustAds acts just like you, why do you need it?

Well, when we say like, we may be being a little generous.
Automated rules will do exactly as you would do - just a hell of a lot faster. Oh, and with eyes on all of your Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat campaigns 24/7. Checking each and every one of them every 15 minutes.

So sort of like you, but better. Sorry.

Kill the Weak, Scale the Best

Brand New Audiences That Convert

You know who your biggest spenders are. How do you find more of them?

You could delve into any available information about them. Then try to piece together their similarities. Then feed these into your targeting demographics. Then test these and Zzzzzzzzz.

Sorry. You could do that.

Or, you could click a button and generate up to 500 Lookalike Audiences at once, in the countries of your choice, based on your chosen custom audience.

Why waste days on research when advanced algorithms can identify lookalikes in seconds?

* Only available for Facebook and Instagram audiences

Brand New Audiences that Convert

Pricing That Never Penalises Spend

Unlike our competitors, we don't believe we deserve a slice of your growth.

With TrustAds, you select one of three subscriptions that suits your needs. Your price is fixed, unless you choose to change your plan.

We never take a cut of your ad spend. Who can be bothered with the maths?

We believe you should never have to worry about what your bill will be at the end of the month.

Pricing that Never Penalises Spend

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