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We're proud to announce that we're the world's first providers of automation for Snapchat Ads!
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Automated Rules for Agencies

Agencies. The emperors of multi-tasking, time management and - when clients squeeze the budget - bending over backwards, at their own expense.

Your time is valuable. Your creativity is unique. Focus on the work that can't be automated, don't risk your reputation on repetitive tasks where mistakes get made.

Protect your clients' ad spend, as well as your reputation, with automated rules for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat campaigns. Get back to what you do best.

Automated Rules for Agencies

One Rule to Win Them All

With TrustAds, when you create or edit a rule, you can apply it to all of your connected ad accounts at the same time.

No repetitive tasks, no copy and paste. You can even tag campaigns so that rules only run on certain objectives.

The rules you create run every 15 minutes*, 24/7...

Manage ad accounts for clients globally without ever losing a wink of sleep.

* Dependent on subscription level

One Rule to Win Them All

More Time for High-Value Projects

You're marketing experts. Your clients value that. But there's usually not much in the budget for monitoring and optimising ad campaigns.

TrustAds can do everything you or your team would do - only much faster, across all of your accounts simultaneously.

Rules can pause, activate, duplicate, change bid, change budget, or simply alert you to significant changes. You can hand over as much or as little control as you want.

With metrics across all levels of the marketing funnel, you can automate decisions based on Reach, CTR, ROAS, No. Leads, No. Conversions, CPA and more.

Okay, so some of your work is charged by the hour, but how much is campaign management really worth?

Replicate your expertise so you have more time to work on the high-value projects that only creatives, not computers, can deliver on.

More Time for High-Value Projects

Quickly Generate Audiences That Convert

What if you could find audiences just like your clients' biggest spending customers, globally - at the click of a button?

Use our advanced lookalike audience generator to help your clients reach customers most like their own in brand new markets.

It's a task that can take hours in Facebook and minutes in TrustAds.

* Only available for Facebook and Instagram audiences

Quickly Generate Audiences that Convert

Budget Better with Fixed Cost Pricing

We offer three - fixed cost - agency plans that you can cancel at any time. These are tiered based on the number of ad accounts you manage that you wish to connect to TrustAds:

  • Agency Classic: Up to 35 connected ad accounts
  • Agency Premiere: Between 36 - 60 connected ad accounts
  • Agency Maestro: Between 61 - 150 connected ad accounts

Your monthly cost will never change, unless you choose to change your plan.

We never charge based on ad spend. You and your clients can spend as much or as little as you like, knowing it will never impact your monthly bill.

Budget Better with Fixed Cost Pricing

Free Your Creativity

We'll handle the monotonous tasks, you go get creative

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