Will my subscription cost change?

Find out about changes to subscription costs

When you sign up to TrustAds, the price of the plan you have chosen is your price for life.

We do not charge existing customers for any updates.

Whilst we won't change your subscription cost, there are cases when your actions might:

If you change your plan

If you choose to upgrade, downgrade or switch your billing cycle, your cost will change based on the new plan you have selected.

If you cancel your plan and resubscribe at a later date

If you cancel your plan, you will no longer be a customer and your plan will expire.

If you choose to resubscribe in the future, you will do so as a new customer, not an existing customer - so if prices have risen, you will be charged the new plan costs.

You can avoid this by choosing to pause your plan, rather than cancel if you wish to stop your subscription for a while.

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