Why do I have to connect my personal Facebook/Snapchat account?

Why individual Facebook/Snapchat accounts have to be connected to Trustads

The reason personal accounts must be connected is due to the way Facebook and Snapchat advertising works. It's the only way for third party software to access your ad account(s).

Facebook and Snapchat ads require personal accounts

Advertisers are required to have personal accounts in order to set up - or be granted access to - ad accounts in Facebook and Snapchat.

For example, when you log in to Facebook or Snapchat to access ad manager, you log in as a Facebook or Snapchat user, not as a business.

You cannot log in solely to an ad account, so there are no 'ad account credentials' that can be used to grant access to third party software.

Personal accounts grant access to your ad accounts

Linking a personal account to TrustAds is the only way to access your ad account(s) within the tool.

Just make sure that the personal account you connect is the one with access to the ad accounts you want to use in TrustAds!

What information can you see about my Facebook account?

Aside from pulling through the connection to your ad accounts, TrustAds pulls through your name, profile picture and email address to populate your TrustAds profile - details that you can customise at any time.

We cannot see any additional information linked to your personal account, and we cannot access or view your business or ads managers.

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