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Why can't I see my ad accounts in the rule creator?

Why you might not see your ad account to connect to TrustAds

In the rule creator, you'll only be able to select ad accounts for your rule once you've selected your platform.

Once you've selected either Facebook or Snapchat, you'll be able to view and select the ad account(s) you have connected to TrustAds under that platform.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 11.15.21

Can't see the ad account you're looking for here?

Reasons you might not see the ad account you're looking for:

You haven't got the right platform selected in the Rule Creator

You won't be able to view your Facebook ad accounts if you have Snapchat selected under Platform, and vice versa.

You haven't connected your ad accounts to TrustAds

You may have access to multiple ad accounts within your Facebook profile, but you must choose which ad account(s) to connect to TrustAds, to enable you to create rules and Lookalike Audiences.

Ensure you've chosen which of your available ad accounts you want to connect by following the steps here.

You've reached your plan limit for connected ad accounts

Remember, the number of ad accounts you can connect is based on your chosen plan. You can check plan limits here.

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