What's the difference between monthly and yearly billing?

The difference between having your TrustAds subscription billed monthly or annually

When becoming a TrustAds user, you can choose to have your plan billed monthly or annually.

Annual billing

If you don't require the flexibility of monthly billing and want to save money on your subscription, you can choose to be billed annually. This is where you pay for a year's subscription in one go.

The advantage of being billed annually? You get two months free!

Depending on your plan, this will be a saving of between $195 - $3995 !

Your subscription will automatically renew year to year unless you pause or cancel.

N.B. You can choose to change your billing to monthly at any time, however it is advisable to wait until your annual plan has come to an end - otherwise your overall cost will be higher.

e.g. If you do choose to switch mid-cycle, then the remaining credit of your annual plan will be used to pay for your monthly plan, until that credit runs out and normal billing will resume. With the monthly cost being higher than the cost on your annual plan, your credit will run out earlier than it would on the annual plan - costing you more than if you had stayed on the annual plan.

Monthly billing

If you want the flexibility of monthly billing, you can choose to have your plan billed monthly.

Your subscription will automatically renew month to month unless you pause or cancel.

N.B. If you decide you want to change to annual billing, you can do so at any time in order to get 2 month's free over your next 12 months. If you make this switch mid-cycle, the remaining credit for your monthly plan will be bolted on and deducted from your next annual subscription fee.

How can I change how I'm billed?

You can change from a monthly to yearly plan, or vice versa, at any time*.

Head to My Account > Billing > Subscription

Screenshot 2019-02-12 14.13.57

Simply select 'Switch' next to the plan you'd like to switch to on either the Monthly or Yearly tab.

*You will not be refunded if you switch from an annual to monthly plan. If you choose to switch plans, your remaining balance will be calculated and allocated towards your new plan. You won't be charged again until this balance is used up, when normal billing will resume.

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