What should I name my rule?

Advice on naming conventions for your automated rules in TrustAds

It's important to think about a consistent naming convention for your rules, so that it's easy to find them in your list of existing rules, should you wish to edit, delete, duplicate or turn on/off a rule in TrustAds.

Best practice

The best way to treat your rule name is as a guide to what the rule is doing.

For example:

Pause ad if spent > 5 and CTR < 1.1 lifetime

Duplicate ad set x5 between 12am - 5am if ROAS > 4 and Purchases > 2 in last 3 days. (But no more than every 2 days)

Decrease bid for ad sets with 'BESPOKE-SCALING' in name by 20% between 8pm-9pm

Including what the rule is doing in its name means it's easy to keep an eye on what your active rules are doing in the Existing Rules section and in your Activity Log.

If you're an agency, you may want to include specific client names within the name, so you can easily filter any bespoke rules you're running for a client, e.g.:

[CLIENT X] Notify when Campaign Spend > 1000

[CLIENT Y] Activate paused ad if ROAS > 3 and Purchases > 1 in last 3 days

[CLIENT Z] Increase bid by 10% between 3am - 5am if Cost per Lead < 1 and Number of Leads > 10 in last 3 days

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