What ad platforms do you support?

Which ad platforms TrustAds supports

TrustAds can be used to automate ad management across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network and Snapchat.

Facebook Ads

You can create automated rules to scale, optimise and protect your ad campaigns across Facebook's advertising networks.

You can also create advanced Lookalike Audiences - up to 500 in one go - to improve your targeting, help cut costs and increase conversion rates.

Platforms you can advertise to through Facebook:

Facebook Ads

With 2 billion monthly users, it's hard to imagine you not being able to find your crowd here.

Find out more about Facebook ads here.

Instagram Ads

Facebook's biggest acquisition, the visual mobile app boasts 1 billion monthly users of its own.

Find out more about Instagram ads here.

Messenger Ads

With Messaging the fastest-growing form of communication, Facebook separated their Messaging function out into a separate app, introducing dedicated Messenger Ads.

Find out more about Messenger Ads here.

Audience Network Ads

"Create an ad on Facebook, show it across the web" is the tagline for Facebook's Audience Network offering. This allows your ads to display outside of Facebook on publisher websites and apps.

Find out more about Audience Network Ads here.

Snapchat Ads

We're proud to be the world's first provider of automated rules for Snapchat Ads.

We're also a Certified Snapchat Partner, which means we're always bringing you the latest best practice, training and guidance, straight from Snapchat HQ.

Find out more about Snapchat Ads here.

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