Navigating around TrustAds

This article walks you through what you can find - and where - in TrustAds

Welcome to TrustAds! This article will walk you through the member's area and how to find what you're looking for.

The Dashboard

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When you log into TrustAds, you'll automatically land on your personal dashboard. This will give you a quick overview of the following metrics:

Spent today

This is how much your Facebook and Snapchat campaigns have spent 'today'.

Time saved lifetime

This is how many minutes TrustAds has saved you to date.

Money saved lifetime

This is how much money TrustAds has saved you to date.

Money saved (30 days)

This is how much money TrustAds has saved you in the last 30 days.

Ads changed lifetime

This is how many campaigns, ad sets and ads TrustAds has taken action on to date.

The dashboard is also where you can view your activity log and check out the latest training videos, rule templates and articles from the blog!

You can of course also create a new rule directly from the dashboard by selecting the Create rule icon.

Top navigation bar

The top navigation pane will always be on your screen, no matter where you navigate to in the member's area of TrustAds.

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From here you can:

  • Minimise and maximise your left hand navigation using the icon with three vertical lines.
  • Create a new rule or lookalike audience by selecting Create New
  • Navigate to your My Account section or Logout by selecting the blue arrow on your profile picture
  • View product Announcements or account Notifications by selecting the bell icon

My Account

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My Account is where you manage all of your personal details, subscription and connected ad accounts.

Here you can do the following:


  • Update your contact details
  • Update your password
  • Set up two-factor authentication


  • Set how frequently you receive emails when a campaign, ad set/squad or ad is changed by your rules.


  • Connect your Facebook Account
  • Connect your Snapchat Account

Ad Account Settings

  • Select which Facebook/Snapchat ad accounts you want to connect to TrustAds


  • Manage your subscription (upgrade, downgrade, pause or cancel)
  • View or update your payment method
  • View and download your invoices

Left hand navigation pane

Aside from accessing My Account or Logout, everything within the member's area of TrustAds is accessible via the left hand navigation pane.

The top of the pane is where you can navigate your way back to the dashboard.

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All things rule related can be found in this section, split into the following:

Create a rule

This will take you to rule creator.

Rule Creator

Existing rules

This will display all of the rules created under each of your ad accounts. You can filter the page to show only active rules.

Screenshot 2019-02-04 16.12.24

Rule Library

This will take you to the Rule Library, where you can select, tweak and apply pre-made template rules to your ad account(s).

Screenshot 2019-02-04 16.12.33

Activity Log

This is where you can keep track of which rules have taken action, what they took action on - and when.

Screenshot 2019-04-15 12.08.36


This is where you create and manage your lookalike audiences.

Add Lookalike Audiences

This will take you to the Lookalike Audience Creator to create new Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Screenshot 2019-02-04 16.17.21-1

Existing Lookalike Audiences

This will allow you to view and manage your existing Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Screenshot 2019-02-04 16.17.05


Training Centre

This is how you access the very knowledge base you're reading this article on!

With over 100 articles and training videos, this is where you'll head to learn how to automatically scale, optimise and protect your ad campaigns like a pro.


This is where you can access TrustAd's dedicated 6 week on-demand training course for Snapchat ads.

Register for Live Training

This is where you can sign up for bi-weekly expert calls hosted by our co-founder.


This is where you can access your ROAS calculator and find links to the TrustAds Mastermind and TrustApps Academy Facebook Groups.


These links will send you directly to our support centre FAQ and ticket submission form.

That's it, tour's over folks!

We hope you've enjoyed your overview of TrustAds.

The best way to grips with it is of course to dive right in and test it out for yourself - we're always here if you get stuck or need a little helping hand...

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