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How to log in if you've lost your two factor authentication device

How to log in to your account if you've lost your smartphone or other two-factor authentication device

This article is for users who have two factor authentication enabled on their account.

1. Head to the login page

If you're already logged in to TrustAds, the best thing to do is to disable two-factor authentication if you have lost your device.

Otherwise, head to the login page and input your username and password.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 11.00.57

Click Login.

2. Select Lost Device

On the two factor authentication token input page, click Lost Your Device?

Screenshot 2019-02-05 11.41.45

3. Input your Emergency Token

When you set up two-factor authentication for TrustAds, you were presented with an emergency reset token to disable two factor authentication on your account.

Input the emergency token here and click Login.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 11.29.32

You will now be logged in to TrustAds.

Please note that two factor authentication will be automatically disabled. To set up two-factor authentication on a new device, please follow the same setup instructions.

If you have lost your two-factor authentication device and your emergency access token, please contact us.

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