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How to assign ad account roles in Snapchat

How to add users and assign ad account roles in Snapchat Ads Manager

In order to grant ad account access in Snapchat, users must first be given access to the Snapchat Business Account. The process below walks you through both:

How to add a user to your Snapchat Ad Account

1. Access the menu from the Ad Accounts dropdown at the top of the page

Select Members under the Settings column.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 14.45.57

2. Select the Invite New Member button

Fill out the name and email address of the user you wish to add. You can add them as either an Organization Admin or Member at this stage.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 14.46.54

3. Select the new user from the Members column on the left hand side

This will display their details and organisation role.

Select Add Asset.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 14.48.04

4. Grant the user access to your ad account(s) and set their account role

Use the checkboxes to select which ad account(s) you wish the user to have access to.

Use the dropdown in the role column to select the ad account role you wish the user to have.

N.B. A user must be granted access at the Account Admin or Campaign Manager level in order to connect a Snapchat Ad Account to TrustAds.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 14.48.21

That's it!

Hit Save and access will be granted to the user. Once access is granted at the correct level, users will be able to connect Snapchat ad accounts to TrustAds.

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