Can I limit how many times my rule runs?

How to set a limit on the number of times your rule runs

By default, automated rules run continuously.

Using the Rule Scheduling feature, users can change this, by setting scheduled dates or a run count limit.

Run Count Limit

If you only want your rule to run a maximum number of times, you can set this in the custom scheduling section of the rule creator.

Screenshot 2019-04-16 10.22.26

Click the Set Custom Scheduling button.

Once the custom scheduling box is open, scroll to the bottom to see the box for Run Count Limit.

Screenshot 2019-04-16 12.03.33

Enter your limit into the box and hit Save.

How can I check how many times the rule has run?

For rules with a run count limit, you'll see an extra layer of information in your Existing Rules section.

Run Count: shows the number of times your rule has run, out of the total limit you have set (x out of y).

Screenshot 2019-04-24 08.46.43

In the example above, the rule has run the maximum number of times (2 out of 2) and will no longer be running.

That's it!

Once your rule as run the specified number of times, it will automatically disable.


As you can see in the example image, the rule will still show as active - i.e. the toggle button will remain green - even once your limit is reached, as the rule is still technically 'active'. It will however not be running once the limit is reached.

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