How do I include only specific campaigns, ad sets or ads in my rule?

How to create automated rules that only run on specific campaigns, ad sets or ads in Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

If you're running a rule that's very specific to a certain type of campaign - or perhaps for a complex custom workflow - you may want to set it up so that it only runs on specific campaigns, ad sets or ads (whichever ad level you're working with).

How to only include specific campaigns, ad sets or ads in a rule

Use the Name Contains metric within the rule creator.

Example rule using the Name contains metric

In the below example, a manual bid rule has been set up to scale the bid 5% every 4 hours if an ad set is bringing in an ROAS of 3.5 or more (and has spent over £20).

Now in our example, we want this rule to only apply on manual bid ad sets where we're using a specific manual bidding strategy. So we've added in a Name Contains 'MANUAL-BID' metric to our rule, to ensure it only impacts the ad sets that are using our special strategy!

Example manual bid rule with name contains

Remember to tag!

In order for the Name contains metric to work, we need to ensure that whatever tag we use is present in the name of our ad set (or whichever ad level your rule relates to).

In the example below, we've tagged the ad sets we're running our special bid strategy on with 'MANUAL-BID' in the ad set name. Once the rule is activated, it will focus solely on these ad sets.

Tagging ad set in business manager

That's it!

To apply rules solely to specific campaigns, ad sets or ads - simply tag them and add the tag into the Name contains metric.

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