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How do I renew an expired access token?

How to renew an expired Facebook access token in TrustAds

Has your Facebook access token expired? This can happen if you change your Facebook password - when Facebook will automatically revoke access to all connected applications.


If you have active rules and your access token expires, it's crucial that you re-connect as soon as possible. Without access, rules cannot run on your connected ad accounts.

Here's how to grant access again:

1. Ensure you're logged into Facebook under the correct account

This is the account linked to your ad accounts that you signed up to TrustAds with.

2. Log in to TrustAds with your username and password

Don't try to log in with the 'Login with Facebook' button.

3. My Account > Settings > Integrations > Facebook

Click the Re-connect account button below your Facebook profile to reauthorise access.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 09.14.31

That's it!

You'll now be re-connected and your rules will resume running.

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