How do I know if my rules are running?

How to check whether your rule is active in TrustAds

Want to know how to check your rule is running in TrustAds? Here's how:

How to check the rule is active

You can see whether a rule is active by heading to Rules > Existing Rules

Here you can toggle the Active Rules Only button to view only the rules that are currently running.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 09.49.59

These will be split by ad account, so you can easily see what rules are running in each of your ad accounts!

Screenshot 2019-04-24 09.51.25

Remember to check Run Count Limits!

In the above example, whilst still technically 'active', the top rule will not be running, as it has reached its run count limit (3 out of 3).

That's it!

All live and disabled rules will be listed in your Existing Rules section. Want to check what action your rules are taking and when? You can do so by checking your activity log.

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