How do I exclude campaigns, ad sets or ads from my rule?

How to exclude campaigns, ad sets or ads from your automated rules

There are many reasons why you might want to stop your rule from running on specific campaigns, ad sets or ads.

If you're running multiple campaigns with varying objectives, it's likely that the metrics that are important for one objective type won't be relevant for another. So you'll want to make sure rules don't interfere with campaigns running under a different objective.

So how do you exclude?

You exclude using the Name Does Not Contain metric within the rule creator, and adding a tag into the names of your campaigns, ad sets or ads (whichever ad level you're using in your rule).

Example exclusion rule using Name does not contain

Take a look at the early warning rule below.

This rule will pause any ad sets that have spent a certain amount with no purchases - which is of course perfect for ensuring we aren't wasting spend on poor performing ad sets in our conversion campaigns (or any campaigns where our goal is purchases).

Early warning rule example

If however, if we were running a brand awareness campaign at the same time, those ad sets would be at risk of being shut down by this rule.

Brand Awareness campaigns will of course be measured by metrics other than purchases - perhaps Impressions, Reach or Clicks. So the above rule might pause a really strong brand awareness campaign because it looks poor from a conversions perspective.

In order to protect our conversions campaigns without impacting our brand awareness ones - we can simply add an extra metric into our rule:

Ad set name does not contain

By adding Ad Set Name Does Not Contain 'BRAND-AWARENESS' the rule will ignore any ad sets with 'BRAND-AWARENESS' in their name.

Remember to tag!

In order for the Name does not contain metric to work, we need to insure that whatever tag we use is present in the name of our ad set (or whichever ad level your rule relates to).

In the example below, any brand awareness campaigns have the tag 'BRAND-AWARENESS' in the ad set name. Once the rule is activated, it will know to ignore them.

Tag ad set name for exclusion

That's it!

To exclude campaigns, ad sets or ads from your rules - simply tag them and add the tag into a Name does not contain metric.

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