How do I create an automated rule?

How to create automated rules in TrustAds

You can create your automated rules in TrustAds in two ways:

Creating rules using the Rule Creator

You can create rules from scratch using the rule creator. You can navigate to the rule creator at any time by clicking the Create New button at the top of your screen at any time, selecting New Rule.

You can also navigate to the rule creator in the left side menu Rules > Create a Rule.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 14.10.13

You can either create a rule from scratch, or quickly access a pre-made rule from the Rule Template Library using the Predefined Rule dropdown at the top of the page.

Learn how to create a rule with the rule creator here.

Creating rules using the Rule Template Library

You can also create rules using pre-made templates from the Rule Template Library, which you can navigate to via Rules > Rules Library

You can select and apply templates based on specific goals, then simply select which account you want to apply them to, making any tweaks to the metrics as required.

Screenshot 2019-02-13 14.20.13

Learn how to create a rule from the Rule Library here.

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