How do I create a duplicate rule?

How to create a rule that automatically duplicates ad sets in Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

Automatic Ad Set/Squad duplication can be used either as:

  • An aggressive scaling tactic
  • A time-saving way to replicate past success to build new campaigns

If you're not familiar with duplication, our blog post tells you all you need to know.

Creating a duplication rule in TrustAds

Firstly, log in to your TrustAds account and head to the rule creator.

1. Select your platform

Here you'll choose Facebook (inc. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network) or Snapchat.

2. Select your ad account(s)

You'll be presented with a list of all available ad accounts under your chosen network. Tick each one you want the rule to run on (one rule will be created per ad account).

3. Set your ad level to Ad Set or Ad Squad

Only Ad Sets/Squads can be duplicated.

4. Choose your ad level status

When scaling aggressively, you'll want to duplicate Active ad sets. When using duplicating successful past ad sets into new campaigns, you'll want to set this to Paused or Archived.

5. Select the time period you want the rule to consider

The rule will only consider this time period when reviewing your ad sets (to see whether they fit your chosen metrics).

Tip: When duplicating past successful ad sets you'll likely want to set this to Lifetime. For aggressive scaling, you might want to use a short time period to quickly take advantage.

6. Select your metric(s)

Set the criteria you want your ad set to meet in order for the rule to take action.

e.g. you might aggressively scale an ad set that is bringing in multiple purchases with a high ROAS.

Tip: Remember to add a 'name contains' or 'name does not contain' metric if you want your rule to ignore (or only run on) specific ad sets.

7. Set your rule action to Duplicate

This is perhaps the most obvious selection you need to make when setting up an duplication rule!

You will be presented with some additional settings for this action:

  • Number of duplications - Choose how many duplicates you want to make for an eligible ad set
  • Frequency of duplication - How often you want the rule to duplicate the same ad set
  • Duplication type - Choose whether duplicates should be created within the same campaign (Use existing parent) e.g. for scaling, or into a new campaign (Create new parent) e.g. for building new campaigns.

8. Set your rule name and description

If you're unsure what to put here, treat these as the 'what' and the 'why' of your rule. Consistent, helpful naming conventions will ensure it's easy to keep track of your rules.

e.g. 'Duplicate ad set 10 times, every 1 day if ROAS > X and purchases > X'

That's it!

Simply hit save and activate and any ad sets/squads that meet your criteria will be duplicated according to your settings.

Bonus Options - Set custom frequency and/or scheduling

If you want your rule to run as often as possible, 24/7 you don't need to touch these settings. Your rule will by default run 24/7 every 15 or 30 minutes (depending on your subscription).

If you would like to adjust how often your rule runs, you can choose a different option from the Frequency dropdown.

If you would like your rule to run on specific days of the week, run a maximum number of times or run from, to or between specific dates then select Custom Scheduling.

Tip: If you're bulk duplicating past ad sets into a new campaign, use the Custom Scheduling feature Run Count Limit. Set this to 1 and the rule will only run once.


Custom frequency and scheduling relates to how often your rule runs. The Frequency of Change setting relates to how often your rule takes action on the same ad set, if it is eligible the next time the rule runs.

Please ensure you use these settings correctly when running duplication rules. If you have any questions please get in touch.

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