How do I connect my Facebook Ad account(s)?

How to connect your Facebook Ad account(s) to TrustAds

Once you've connected your Facebook Account to TrustAds, you can choose which Ad Account(s) you wish to connect, in order to create automated rules and lookalike audiences.

As soon as you've connected your Facebook Account, you'll be directed to the rules page, where you can click Select Facebook Ad Account to connect your ad accounts.

Connecting Ad Accounts

If you've logged out or navigated away from the page then you can connect your ad account(s) by following the instructions below!

Connecting your Facebook Ad Accounts to TrustAds:

1. Log in to TrustAds

2. Click the blue arrow in the top right corner > Select My Account

3. Under Ad Account Settings > Select Ad Accounts

4. Choose which ad accounts you wish to connect to TrustAds by clicking from the list on the left - Your Ad Accounts - which will move them into the list on the right - Your Selected Ad Accounts

5. Click the Update button to save your changes!

Screenshot 2019-01-22 17.41.06

That's it!

You're all set to start creating automated rules and lookalike audiences for your Facebook campaigns.

If you're also running Snapchat ads, the next step is to:

Connect your Snapchat account

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