How do I connect my Facebook account to TrustAds?

How to connect your Facebook account to TrustAds


Your Facebook Account is the personal account linked to the ad accounts you manage. You are only permitted to connect one Facebook Account to TrustAds, so please ensure that the account you connect has access to the Ad Account(s) you wish to manage.

There are two ways to connect your Facebook Account to TrustAds:

Via the Dashboard

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to your account dashboard.

Simply hit Connect Your Facebook Account and you'll be prompted to login to Facebook to authorise access. If you're already logged in, the page will simply connect and refresh!

Connecting Facebook Account from Dashboard

Via My Account

In the top right corner, click the blue dropdown, select My Account.

Under Integrations on the left hand side, select Facebook, where you'll also be able to connect your account.

Connecting Facebook Account from My Account

That's it!

Once you've connected your Facebook Account, the next step is:

Connecting your Facebook Ad Accounts

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