How do I change my default currency for my Facebook account?

How to change the default currency for your connected Facebook account

If you need to change your default currency in TrustAds, you can do so in your My Account section.

My Account > Integrations > Facebook

Underneath your connected Facebook account, you have the option to change the default currency displayed in TrustAds.

If you're running rules on multiple ad accounts in different currencies, you may want to change this to reflect the currency you report in, or the most common currency across your ad accounts.

Screenshot 2019-02-05 17.41.58

Once you've selected your currency, simply hit the Save button.


Please note this will not change the currency for your ad accounts or rule execution, this is purely for reporting purposes, i.e. in the TrustAds dashboard. If you wish to change your ad account currency you will need to do this within Facebook or Snapchat Ad Manager, which will automatically reflect in TrustAds.

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