Do you have rule templates to work from?

Where to find pre-made rule templates in TrustAds

We do indeed, here's where to find, tweak and apply rule templates to your ad account(s):

The Rule Library

The Rule Library contains all of our pre-made rule templates. These are organised into collections of rules that work together to achieve a particular goal.

Click into a collection to find out more about what each rule does, and why it was designed.

Learn how to use the rule library in 3 simple steps here!

Screenshot 2019-02-05 08.37.51

The Rule Creator

You can also quickly access all of these rule templates directly from the rule creator, by using the Start with a predefined rule dropdown.

This will populate the rule creator with the template settings, which you can that tweak as you see fit!

Screenshot 2019-02-26 11.26.56

Tip: If you're not already familiar with the templates, or unsure about whether the settings are right for you, check out the explainer videos in the Rule Library first.

Are the templates different in the Rule Library and Rule Creator?

Nope! All templates are accessible from both locations, the Rule Library simply gives you additional information and allows you to search by tags or objective.

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