Creating your first Lookalike Audience

Creating your first Facebook Lookalike Audience in TrustAds

So you want to reach more people like your best customers? You've come to the right place.

Lookalike audiences are all about reaching more people like those you're already having success with.

Accessing the Lookalike Audience Creator

First things first, login to your TrustAds account.

From the header bar

Select the blue Create New button and select Audience from the dropdown

Screenshot 2019-04-11 11.42.21

From the side menu

Audiences > Create new

Screenshot 2019-04-17 16.26.14

Creating your Lookalike Audience

Screenshot 2019-02-04 16.17.21-1

Select Source

Here you'll select which of your custom audiences you want your lookalike audience to be based on.

If you don't know what we mean by Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences, it's best you check out the following resources, then come back...

N.B. Your custom audience must have at least 100 users from a single country to be eligible as an Lookalike Audience source.


This is where you select which country or countries you want to base your lookalike audience(s) in - you can choose as many as you like.

N.B. You'll have the option to combine or split by country further down.

Number of Audiences

Select how many Lookalikes you wish to create, by % closeness.

As you can create Lookalikes between 1-20% closeness match in TrustAds, you can choose between 1 - 20 here.

N.B. The smaller the percentage, the closer the similarity match between your Lookalike Audience and source - but smaller the resulting audience size. The higher the percentage, the larger the audience - but broader the similarity match.

Audience Creation

This is where you can choose to either combine or split by country:

  • Create LLAs for each country

This will create separate Lookalike Audiences for each country you have selected.

E.g. if you have selected 3 countries and '20' as your number of audiences, there will be 20 audiences created for each country (60 in total).

  • Create LLAs for group of countries

This will create Lookalike Audiences that include all of the countries you have selected.

E.g. if you have selected 3 countries and '20' as your number of audiences, there will be 20 audiences created for all 3 countries combined (20 in total).

Audience Size

You can drag the slider to select your closeness match here.

N.B. If you selected to create 20 audiences, there will automatically be one audience at every percentage point.

Quick Selection

This allows you to quickly create a number of audiences based on gaps between percentages.

E.g. 'Select every 2nd' will create 10 audiences in total, spread apart by 2% each.

Resulting Audiences

As you refine your settings, this section will show you a list of the lookalike audiences you will create by hitting the Create button, so you can check you're happy before creating your Lookalike Audiences.

That's it!

Once you're happy, go ahead and hit that 'Create' button.

Your new Lookalike Audiences will be available instantly in Facebook for you to advertise to.

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