Creating a rule with the Rule Library

How to use the Rule Library to create rules from templates in TrustAds

The Rule Library is where you can fast track your rule creation, by using pre-made rule templates with specific goals in mind.

Want to set early warning rules, scale safely or work like Conversion Kings? You're in the right place.

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Using the Rule Library in 3 Simple Steps

1. Select your rule collection pack

This is simply where you select which collection of rules you want to apply to your ad account(s).

The rule collection names will generally tell you what the collection is made for, e.g. for protection or scaling. You can also use the search field to look for your specific objective, or select the tag(s) relevant to your needs to filter the list.

Not sure what to pick? Browse through the library and click into the rule collections to find out more!

2. Select which rule(s) you want to apply

On your selected your rule pack page, you'll be presented with a list of the rules contained within the pack and a video explaining what the rules have been created for.

You have the option to either + Add All Rules or you can simply opt to select specific rules from the collection, by selecting + Add next to the corresponding rule.

Once you're ready for the next stage, hit Next.

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N.B. To get the most out of the collection, it's advisable to use the whole set - don't forget you can tweak them in the next stage!

3. Tweak your rule(s) and apply!

Once you've hit Next, you'll be presented with a small snapshot of the rule(s) you're applying, where you can select which ad account(s) you want the rules to apply to.

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If you're familiar already with the Rule Creator, you'll see that this shows you the Metrics section of your template rule.

This allows you to tweak your new rule template (if necessary) to ensure that the figures accurately reflect your business goals and historical data, before applying to your ad accounts.

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In the rule above for example, it might be that you might want to scale when your ROAS is 2 or more, or 4 or more, so you can make those changes (and change the rule names accordingly) before applying the rules to your ad account.

You can move through the rule collection using the Next Rule and Previous Rule buttons.

Once you've chosen which ad account(s) to apply the rules to (and made any tweaks you desire) simply hit Save and the rules will be saved to your ad account(s)!

That's it!

Your rules will now be active on your chosen ad accounts. Don't forget you can view and edit these at any time by heading to your existing rules.

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