Can I test rules before activating them?

How to test automated rules prior to activation in TrustAds

There are two answers to this question, depending on what you're trying to do:

See which Campaigns, Ad Sets or Ads already fit my rule criteria

You can check whether the rule you are creating has already found any campaigns, ad sets or ads that fit your criteria by using the Rule Preview feature.

Once you have created your rule, before activating it, select the Preview button.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 14.59.30

Here, you can check to see whether any existing campaigns, ad sets or ads (depending on your chosen ad level) already fit your rule criteria - and would therefore be impacted by your rule when it begins to run.

See if my rule is working as I expect, before allowing it to take action

If you're new to automated rules and nervous about letting them take action on your behalf, you can put them to the test using a notification rule.

Simply create your action-based rule, with everything set up as you would want for the rule to take action - e.g. to change bid, pause, activate etc.

Once it's ready to go, set the action to Notify me by email, instead of your desired action - before hitting Save and Activate.

Screenshot 2019-04-17 15.25.48

You'll receive an email notification every time that a campaign, ad set or ad (depending on your chosen ad level) has met your criteria - so you can check that the rule is working as you expected, and manually take action.

Once you're happy that the rule is capturing everything and working as you want it to, you can simply edit the rule and change the action to your desired choice!

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