Can I duplicate a rule?

How to duplicate an existing rule in TrustAds

You might want to duplicate a rule in TrustAds in order to tweak some of the fields and apply to a different ad account.

Rules > Existing Rules

To find a rule to duplicate, head to Existing Rules under Rules in the menu on the left hand side of TrustAds.

Within your existing rules, find the rule you wish to duplicate.

Click the three vertical dots next to the rule to open up an additional menu and select Duplicate.

Screenshot 2019-02-11 10.55.29

Once you've done this, you will be taken to a duplicate version of the rule in the rule creator, which you can then edit and save to your account!

Want to apply the exact same rule to another ad account?

Remember, rules can be applied to multiple ad accounts when you create them. If you want to apply the rule to a new account without making any changes, there's no need to duplicate it. Simply select Edit instead, which will open up the rule in the creator. Add your additional ad account to the rule from the ad account dropdown - then hit save!

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