Can I apply automated rules to multiple ad accounts?

How to apply your rules to multiple ad accounts in TrustAds

Yes you can! When you're creating a rule in TrustAds, you have the option to apply it to as many ad accounts as you have connected! There's no need to re-create or copy rules to separate ad accounts.

Select multiple ad accounts in the Rule Creator

Once you've selected your platform, you simply select which ad account(s) you want your rule to apply to, using the Advertising Accounts dropdown.

Screenshot 2019-02-11 08.44.49

Things to note

  • As Facebook and Snapchat have different requirements and metrics, it's not possible to create a rule across both platforms.
  • When you select multiple ad accounts, one rule will be created per account. e.g. if you create a rule and select 3 advertising accounts, 3 rules will be created in total.

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