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The Rules

The first rule of TrustAds is, talk as much as you like about TrustAds.

The rest of the rules? Well, they're up to you.

The rule creator allows you to create rules across multiple accounts, monitoring and optimising your Facebook and Instagram campaigns, ad sets and ads - just as you like them.

The Rules

Preach to the Choir

With our advanced Lookalike Audience Generator, you can create up to 500 LLAs at any one time, across as many countries as you like with a choice of between 1%-20% closeness.

It's the faster, more intuitive way of creating your LLAs, so you have more time to focus on actually advertising to your new audiences.

You Rule

Top of the Class

Our dedicated learning centre means you can grab support anytime, anywhere, and go at your own pace.

Our videos will walk you through our main features and rules, putting them into context so you know what works for your organisation.


Top of the Class

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Looking for inspiration?

If you need a helping hand, grab a pre-made rule from our template library, make any tweaks you need and apply straight to your account(s).

Take the Shortcut

Community Support

Contact our dedicated support team directly via the help section.

You can also learn from your peers and keep up to date with the latest news and strategies by joining our online community.

We have a dedicated TrustAds Mastermind, weekly blog and you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin!

Community Support

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