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20% Lookalike Audience Generator

Quickly generate, test and advertise to new Lookalike Audiences

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* Only available for Facebook and Instagram audiences

Go Big or Go Home

Facebook's lookalike audience generator allows for a similarity match of up to 10%. We offer up to 20%.

What if you have a particularly niche source audience and you’re targeting a small country? You may end up with an audience to target that is far smaller than expected. Wider similarity variance will allow you greater control over your Lookalike Audience size.

Go Big or Go Home

Split Your Audiences by Country

Generating multiple Lookalike Audiences in separate countries is easy in TrustAds.

In Facebook, you can only create audiences across combined countries. Want a separate LLA for Canada and the US? You’ll have to make one for Canada then start from scratch for the US.

In TrustAds, you simply choose to split by country and you get a separate audience for each. We offer combined as well, obviously.

Split Your Audiences by Country

Create Up to 500 Audiences with One Click

We hate to sound like a broken record here, but want to know how many lookalike audiences you can create in Facebook at any one time? 6.

In TrustAds, you can create up to 500.

Create up to 500 Audiences

Manage Your Lookalike Audiences

It’s not just about creating new Lookalike Audiences in record time. You can also maintain your existing Lookalike Audiences across all of your connected ad accounts.

View, search and delete using the Existing Audiences feature.

Manage Your Lookalike Audiences

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