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How Yoga and Meditation Brand Owner William Can Travel for 3-5 days At A Time without Internet Access and still Confidently Spend Over $1k Per Day on Facebook Ads.



Meet William Christopher Alexander The Man with 3 First Names. Will loves travelling, eating amazing food and driving fast (whether its on a bike or in a car) and founder of the Cartels Mastermind.

Right now, Will owns a Yoga and Meditation Brand that helps people combat negative emotions that are holding them back in life. Prior to that, for over 3 years, Will has been running other brand stores and investing in stocks and crypto-currency.

Sitting at the head of team of 8, Will’s brands are responsible for over $750,000 in Facebook advertising spend .. most surprisingly - More than half of that was spent in the last 12 months

So what changed? What allowed Will to confidently spend so much more on ads? Well he started using TrustAds of course .. but the WHY behind that is even more interesting..


Prior to using TrustAds, Facebook advertising for Will was a manual process. He estimates that over 1/3 of his working hours were spent monitoring ad spend. In fact, every single night for the first 2 years he would be working past midnight just monitoring his campaigns - ensuring the necessary ROAS was hit.

On our call, Will reminisces about how he used to manage manual bid ad sets / squads with huge budgets - it forced him to sit at his computer from 4pm through to 9pm to make sure they were running correctly without colossal overspend.

“Prior to TrustAds I didn’t have the confidence to work with really large budget ad sets / squads - like $1000 plus size - I simply wouldn’t do them back then unless I knew I could be at my desk all day. Once, I lost over $600 in a single hour when I happened to be away from my desk - I think my site down or there was some other problem - but I swore I’d never let it happen again!"


Will heard about TrustAds in a discussion on one of the Facebook communities about advertising - he did his research and was pleased to see that the price was slightly higher than a competitor he was also looking at

I asked him why..

“I didn’t really trust the competitor product, their low price suggested a low quality development team - I doubted that their team had the resources to fully support their service”

“I took the TrustAds free trial, figuring their was no risk in doing so - I had nothing to lose! Once I tried it, I was hooked - it was so simple and easy to use. I love the Rules Library and the regular updates made sense - they added features that the customers actually asked for."

“TrustAds was a total game changer” he said, “it replicated everything I did, it allowed me to step away for 4-5 days at a time without any worry.. it also caught subtle issues that I would have missed otherwise. Since installing TrustAds i’ve never cancelled, I never will.”

With TrustAds completely automating the optimisation side of Will’s business he was able to spend more time launching more products and ads - and was able to confidently increase his ad spend as a result.


Will estimates that TrustAds has saved him at least 4-6 hours of work every day, he charges $100+ for consultancy so thats a conservative $600/day in time saving.

On top of the hours of time TrustAds has saved him, Will estimates the money saving to be north of $40,000.

Will loves using the include tags to set rules for specific products at specific price points, whilst leveraging the exclude tags for his retargeting ads and other ads that he doesn’t want touched.

Will has spent more in the last 12 months (whilst using TrustAds) that the years before it and attributes the increase in spend to the confidence that TrustAds has given him and his business.

In the last 12 Months, Will has spent more time on his bike and taken more road trips with his wife Sam. He can travel 3-5 days at a time without an internet connection and without worry - he’s happy, because he know TrustAds is monitoring things for him - taking care of his marketing dollars.



increase in advertising spend

$600 (4-6 hrs)

of time saved per day


saved in advertising costs


increase in ROI from Facebook Ads

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