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How LGBT Brand Owner Rizala was able to save 6 hours per day whilst profitably scaling her Facebook spend by over 20%.



Meet Rizala - she’s an Ecommerce brand owner serving the LGBT community - helping them accept themselves and show pride.

For 5 years Rizala has been selling physical products online, leveraging Facebook advertising as her main traffic source. She heads up a team of 3 people and has spent well over $250,000 on ads to date.


The problem Rizala had was that she was spending ALOT of time “trapped” at her desk managing her Facebook ads. Typically 8am-11pm every day she would need to be close by to ensure that she didn’t accidentally overspend on advertising - resulting in her ads budget being spent unprofitably.

Her fear: What if she burnt out? What if, for some reason, she was no longer able to manage her ads herself?

Rizala had a specific advertising strategy that she didn’t feel comfortable allowing a human to maintain. Not least because it would involve that person managing her ad account outside of typical business hours.

Aspirationally, Rizala wanted to comfortably maintain 10x the number of ad sets / squads she was currently managing, but didn’t want that to result in 10x more time spent managing ads. Quite the opposite in fact! Rizala wanted to more mobile, location independent, free! Whether that was freedom to walk her dog, work on her hobbies such as Pottery and learning the guitar - or travelling around the world with her partner.

None of her aspirations and goals could be realised, whilst she was spending the majority of her day monitoring her ads.


Prior to moving to TrustAds, Rizala was using an alternative, more-expensive competitor - she found it to be buggy - missing ads that should have been paused. Furthermore, this software charged based on Ad Spend - Rizala found that she actually was choosing to spend LESS money advertising so as to avoid having to pay a higher service charge - not ideal for a scaling business! Their charging model was limiting and she found that, along with their buggy software - to be a deal breaker.

Rizala found out about TrustAds from a recommendation by a friend - she had heard about the great reputation of the developers already so decided to take up the free trial of TrustAds!

Once on the inside, Rizala found the training and rule library to be very useful. Previously she has been operating with very basic rules, but with the training was able to implement more complex rule strategies that enabled her to squeeze even more out of her advertising budget.

After using the notification option to be alerted to changes to her ads for the first couple of weeks, Rizala was confident that the software was working exactly as promised and was finally able to let her ads run and optimise - without needing to be on hand to watch them - Liberating!


Armed with the confidence that the TrustAds rules gave her, Rizala was able to increase her advertising spend by more than 20%, whilst doubling her ROI.

Additionally TrustAds freed up more than 6 hours per day - Rizala charges her time out at $250/hour - so this alone is a saving of over $1500 in time per day.

Rizala can now manage more than 1000 concurrent adsets at the same time and any time spent on her ads is purely to create new ads - all optimisation changes and scaling is done by TrustAds.

Most importantly, Rizala can now spend extended periods of time away from managing ads - she currently spends that time pursuing other ventures, launching more products at scale as well as hanging out with her Dog.










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