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We're proud to announce that we're the world's first providers of automation for Snapchat Ads!
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Powerful Automation for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Ads

Automatically scale, monitor and optimise your campaigns to boost profit 24/7

Never charged on ad spend. Fixed fee pricing.

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Streamline Your Workflow with TrustAds

Save time and eliminate human error by automating your manual tasks

TrustAds’ Automated Rules for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can:

  • Monitor your ads 24/7
  • Pause, activate and delete your campaigns, ad sets / squads and ads
  • Increase or decrease your bids and budgets
  • Duplicate your best performing ad sets / squads
  • Notify you when action is taken
  • Run and take action every 15 minutes across up to 150 ad accounts simultaneously

You set the criteria you want, using the metrics that matter to you.

The rules take care of the rest!

Streamline Workflow

Reach the Audience That Converts

Advanced lookalike audience creator

20% LLA Audience Maker allows you to:

  • Create LLA closeness match from 1-20%
  • Combine or split by country
  • Create up to 500 LLAs with one click
  • Review and manage custom audiences

* Only available for Facebook and Instagram audiences

Reach audience

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Demian Caceres

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Demian Caceres

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James Corr

Only Growth Digital Agency

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"We're now much more efficient with Ad Optimization... you can and will save money with TrustAds"

Robert Walden

Performance Marketing, Inc.

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