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No more runaway ads

Sleep easy or play harder. Your ads are covered

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I no longer need to worry about runaway advertising spend, instead I can spend that time on things I actually enjoy doing! It’s not the saved advertising spend (although it’s saved me $thousands ) it’s getting my life back - that's priceless!

- Cat Eggleton

Facebook Advertising Sofware Monitors Your Ads 24/7 and Saves You Cash!

TrustAds checks your advertising campaigns as quickly as every 15 minutes to ensure you don't spend a single cent more than you have to!


3 Simple steps

Saving you $$$!

Security guard

It's like having your very own advertising security guard - 24/7

You're protected - even whilst you sleep!

Real users, Real results!

World class defence

Protect your ads with the metrics most important to YOU

Return on Ad Spend


Cost per Purchase

Click Through Rate

Cost Per ATC

Cost Per View Content

And loads more!

TrustAds scans for newly added adverts and protects them automatically!

Scale Like a Pro!

Now you can scale your ads automatically too!

Automate Manual Bidding (Finally!)

Scale by automatic budget changing

Scale by automatic bid changing

Scale by automatic duplication of winning ad sets

Consistent, automatic and intelligent scaling

TrustAds is always monitoring for winning ads to scale - maximizing your profit!

Super Easy to Use!


Setting up new rules takes less than 30 seconds - then you're protected forever

Set it, forget it.

Sick of seeing a few bad ads destroying your ROI?

Sick of seeing a few bad ads destroying your ROI?

Give TrustAds a try and watch your ROI increase as the bad runaway ads get killed!


Stop regularly refreshing your ads to check on runaway ad spend


Stop worrying about a bad day wiping out your profits for the week


Stop spending your leisure time checking on your ad progress


Stop wasting thousands of dollars every month on ads that are never going to make you any profit!

There's no need to waste your precious time and money anymore!

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Spend your time on things you actually enjoy doing instead

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Experiment with lots of new types of ads without worry about the duds.

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Set up your rules, then just let them run - no need to even touch them.

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Focus on growing your business, rather than tinkering with ads all the time.

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Enjoy super-profitable days, without those extra bad-advert costs that add up fast!

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Confidently spend more on scaling your advertising knowing Trustads has your back!

Try TrustAds today for $1

One measly dollar!

One measly dollar!

That's like, 1/4 of a cup of coffee?

We’ve completely removed any risk for you to experience the power of TrustAds today - most users cover their subscription in the first 7 days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still here huh?

Well, I don’t want to rush you, but a word to the wise...

We are only opening TrustAds to a certain number of people.

With TrustAds you have an edge ... so if everyone has access, no-one has an edge!

That’s why we want to reserve access to those who really want it and will use it.

As we add more features, we may also choose to put up the price to accommodate for those new killer options. If you’re a member already, you’ll get these new features automatically as part of your membership - BUT as a non-member you won’t!

Final Note:

TrustAds, frankly - will make you money. It will save even the smallest advertiser, hundreds of dollars per month PLUS countless hours that are no longer spent maintaining the ads!

What value do you put on your time? How much more profit would you make if you bad ads were killed faster?

If either answers to the above are over $1 - then you owe it to yourself to sign up now.

To your success! See you on the inside!