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Drive More Profit From Your FB™ Ads

With 24/7 Advert Monitoring and Smart Rules

TrustAds monitors your ads around the clock to ensure they stay profitable

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TrustAds is like a smart robot

That constantly monitors your FB ads to make sure:

Your personal advertising assistant

  • You never overspend

  • You never miss a chance to scale

  • Your adverts stay profitable

TrustAds is a smart robot

Hi, I’m TrustyBot.
I’m here to protect your hard-earned cash.
I never eat, sleep, get sick or take holidays. I have one job:
To make you more profit from your Facebook Ads.

TrustAds Customers Have Already Saved

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"This software is a game changer... I can tell you, It’s become a tool that I will not run my business without."

Steve Sparks, E-commerce Store Owner

Your Ads Protected

Protect your Ads in 30 seconds

  • 1. You create your Facebook adverts as usual.

  • 2. Set up your rules in TrustAds - eg. if ROAS drops below 2 for the last 3 days - Pause the ad.

  • 3. TrustAds monitors your ads and applies your rules as often as every 15 minutes!

Here's what just some of our users are saying

World class defence

World class defence

Protect your ads with the metrics most important to YOU.
Consistent, automatic and intelligent scaling TrustAds is always monitoring for winning ads to scale - maximizing your profit!

  • Cost Per Add To Cart

  • Cost Per Lead

  • Return on Ad Spend

  • ROI

  • Click Through Rate

And loads more!

TrustAds scans for newly added adverts and protects them automatically!

Scale Like a Pro!

Now you can scale your ads automatically too!
Consistent, automatic and intelligent scaling
TrustAds is always monitoring for winning ads to scale - maximizing your profit!

  • Automatic Budget Increase/Decrease

  • Automatic Bid Increase/Decrease

  • Automatic Adset Duplication

With TrustAds you can automatically scale your winning adsets faster than your competitors ever could! Strike fast, take advantage of those winning, profitable ads whilst they’re hot!

Recommended and used by the industry's most legitimate entrepreneurs

Sick of seeing a few bad ads destroying your ROI?

Give TrustAds a try and watch your ROI increase as the bad runaway ads get killed!

Sick of seeing a few bad ads destroying your ROI?
  • Stop regularly refreshing your ads to check on runaway ad spend

  • Stop spending your leisure time checking on your ad progress

  • Stop worrying about a bad day wiping out your profits for the week

  • Stop wasting thousands of dollars every month on ads that are never going to make you any profit!

There's no need to waste your precious time and money anymore!

Set up your rules, then just let them run - no need to even touch them

  • Spend your time on things you actually enjoy doing instead of constantly watching your ads.

  • Experiment with lots of new types of ads without worry about the duds.

  • Focus on growing your business , rather than tinkering with ads all the time.

  • Enjoy super-profitable days , without those extra bad-advert costs that add up fast!

  • Confidently spend more on scaling your advertising knowing Trustads has your back!

Sick of seeing a few bad ads destroying your ROI?

Real Users Real Results

Time Saved (Lifetime)

Time Saved (Lifetime)

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Time Saved (30 days)

Time Saved (30 days)

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Money Saved (Lifetime)

Money Saved (Lifetime)

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Money Saved (30 Days)

Money Saved (30 days)

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Ads Changed (Lifetime)

Ads Changed (Lifetime)

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Ads Changed (30 days)

Ads Changed (30 days)

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More Testimonials

Robert Walden

If I had to estimate how much money this tool will save us each month, it would easily be in the thousands of dollars. I'm very grateful that I came across this tool and I look forward to all the time and money it's going to save us in the future.
Robert Walden

Demian Caceres

I used to spend 2-3 hours a day monitoring my ads, now I've given the intelligence to TrustAds to let it do the work for me. Now my ads are taken care of... automatically.
Demian Caceres

Steve Sparks

This software is a game changer.. in the past it's taken a lot of time daily to monitor my adverts.. TrustAds has eliminated that problem for me. It's allowed me to be more aggressive with my scaling. I can tell you, It's become a tool that I will not run my business without.
Steve Sparks

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